Canal Waterways

The Grand Union Canal formed from an amalgamation of various canals in 1929. The increased building of railways and the continued improvment of the roads lead to a reduction in the commercial use of the Canal. It has since become a recreational waterway where people can stroll along the towpaths or enjoy the changing landscape while navigating the canal waterway.


The Slough Canal Arm was built off of the Canal in 1882 providing transport for the thriving brickmaking industry in Slough and Langley. Commercial traffic on the canal faded out in the 1960’s. There were plans to fill in part of the canal but public outcry managed to halt the plans. The canal was restored and reopened in 1975. It offers pleasant walks, boating, as well as enjoying the surrounding wildlife.


Shirley's Memory

Shirley shared fond memories of the annual Jubilee '77 Club barge trip on the Grand Union.  In June 1977 (the Queen's Jubilee year) the Jubilee '77 club was formed to provide acitvities and services for young physically disabled people the Hillingdon Borough.  She remembers enjoying the views and changing landscape as the barge would gently cruise up the Grand Union Canal.  Starting from just outside the Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge the barge would cruise up to Black Jack's Mill.  The club would feast on a fish and chip lunch before returning to Uxbridge.


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