Original Landscape Camera Photo Albums

The inspiration for the Landscape Camera project was 3 albums of landscape photographs taken by an unknown photographer in the late 1970's and early 1980's. In the first album the photographer went to every square cross section on the ordnance survey map of the Colne Valley Regional Park and took a photograph to the north, south east and west. In the other 2 albums the photographer has taken landscape photographs of key features and events in the Colne Valley with grid references; eg. a record of ancient hedgerows and the building of the M25. This has created an amazingly detailed and repeatable study of the landscape. The albums were donated to the CVRP.


Original 1982 Landscape Camera Survey Map


The map shown here is the map included with the original photographic album that contains all the 444 views associated with the 111 map reference points.

This album, held at the offices of Groundwork South at the Visitor Centre, Denham Country Park, can be viewed at various fetes and fairs held within the Colne Valley Park.