Landscape Camera Explained


St Peter's Church Iver

Landscape Camera aims to engage people with their landscape's history by taking them on a journey of discovery around the Colne Valley to repeat the photographic record of the valley's landscape carried out in the 1980's. The journey will allow them to compare images of the changing landscape and learn about the Colne Valley's heritage features and discover their own special view of the landscape important to them.

Participants will learn skills in:

  • map reading - in order to find the original photographic points

  • photography - to capture the exact landscape portrait detailed in the album

  • conservation - at key heritage locations where the original photos were taken


During the many walks, cycle rides and boat trips required to find and rephotograph the landscape record from the album reference points, participants will be encouraged to identify and photograph their own personal view of the Colne Valley.


The project will conclude with a celebration and photographic exhibition of these photographs, the new landscape record and restored photos from the old record and archives from further back. 


The photographs will be used to create a landscape discovery trail around the Colne Valley with view points established at key record points voted for by the public.


The new and old landscape records will be uploaded to this website where they can be accessed by the public. Visitors and community organisations within the CVRP will be able to upload photographs to continue the record.

Will it be Possible to Re-Create the Original Photographic Record Exactly ?

girl with cameraThe workload to achieve this task is great, complicated further by the modern age of Health and Safety issues, coupled with so many of the points visited in 1982 were still open farmland and countryside.


Now many of the points are contained within developed housing estates or warehouse developments. Some in the southern section, are now in the centre of reservoirs or major trunk roads and motorways. This will result in many comparative viewpoints being photographed from the nearest practical point available. However, these now inaccessible points, only emphasise one of the purposes of this project, to catalogue the changing landscape within the Colne Valley Park.


The other purpose of the project is to ‘connect’ with the communities who live and work within the Park and those who already use the Park, and raise awareness and promote the countryside on our doorsteps.